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Being Christian

Being Christian [PDF]

This inviting book addresses the questions and concerns of newer believers and will inspire those looking for a refresher on what it means to be Christian. Wherever the readers are in their faith journey, they'll find their questions addressed with biblical, theologically sound answers written in an engaging and conversational style. The easy-to-use format allows readers to identify and find their most pressing faith concerns. At the same time, when read in its entirety, Being Christian provides a solid topical introduction to Christianity. Relevant Bible passages are used throughout the book to enhance the reader's understanding of how Scripture informs its answers. Among the subjects discussed and deeply explored are God, the Bible, the church, sin, what it means to be saved by grace, how to discern God's voice, how to deal with guilt, and much more. Designed for use by individuals, it's also a great resource for small groups and new believers' classes
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