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Lover's Leap

Lover's Leap [PDF]

Deanna Roy writes books under three names:
Deanna Roy (ha, surprise!) with three-hanky reads in the Forever series.
Forever Innocent (The Forever Series, #1) by Deanna Roy Forever Sheltered (The Forever Series, #3) by Deanna Roy

Annie Winters with romantic suspense serials, including The Vigilante's Lover
The Vigilante's Lover (The Vigilantes, #1) by Annie Winters

JJ Knight with fighter romance serials, including Uncaged Love and Fight for Her
Uncaged Love, Volume 1 (Uncaged Love, #1) by J.J.KnightFight for Her, Volume 1 (Uncaged Love, #6) by J.J.Knight

Deanna is a passionate advocate for Baby Loss Moms and many of her books touch on this topic. She is the founder of and hosts numerous public and private support groups both online and in person.

You can follow Deanna and read pre-release sneak peeks and free ebooks on her private list. Subscribe!

Deanna also writes a series of books for middle grade readers under the name D.D. Roy, including JINNIE WISHMAKER and MARCUS MENDER.

She's pretty easy to spot on Facebook and Twitter, and yup, she's even on MySpace.

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