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Reaching Through Time

Reaching Through Time [PDF]

What's Happened to Me?
Sarah finds herself in a strange place, and she can recall only one thing—her name. A young man, Heath de Charon, explains to Sarah that he found her unconscious on the grounds of his family's estate and has been caring for her. Sarah is thankful, but when she starts hearing voices that whisper for her to come back, she is confused, and desperate to find out where she really belongs.

When the Clock Chimes
Drake Iverson lands a summer job on Sandstone Mountain. There are no computers; he has to do all the work by hand in a large leather-bound book. He doesn't mind, as long as he can be near Gina, who is pretty and kind. But when Gina falls ill, Drake is asked to leave. He is determined to find out what happened to Gina and to uncover other mysteries he encounters on Sandstone Mountain.

The Mysteries of Chance
Dylan Sorenson offers his help to a girl who seems to be in distress. The girl, Maura, explains that she's simply overwhelmed by the heat and quickly runs off. But Maura is soon drawn back to Dylan and a friendship and budding romance begins. However, Maura doesn't reveal the whole truth about herself, and Dylan has secrets of his own. Can their relationship withstand the deception?
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