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Saving Rebel was my one freebie for February from Amazon and it was pretty much just a quick and fairly easy to read light MC romance with a touch of club illegal business thrown in for excitement.
Rebel was 12 when she was separated from her big brother Harley (parents were sent to prison) and placed in foster care. Now she returns home to him at 19 (after suffering abuse at the hands of her foster family and having lived on the streets for a year) and he is the President of their father's club, while his best friend Mason is his VP.
Mason is shocked to find out the gorgeous stunner is the little girl they haven't seen in 7 years and when they cross a line and get down and dirty, it sets off a whole chain of events that threaten all of their lives and positions in the world of drug dealing.
I liked this book well enough but just wished it had more substance and was not so "light" a read. It could have been much better if the characters were fleshed out and the action not so fast and predictable. Unlike other MC romances, there was not much interaction at the clubhouse or mean girls fighting over a was pretty tame and civil.
Good if you like bikers with a sensitive side =)

**** 3.5 **** "sister and brotherly love" stars
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