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The Valentine's Curse-February 1867
Broderick Monroe, Brody, managed to survive the war but was very much a loner on a Texas ranch. He rounded up strays and did other jobs no one else wanted to do. It was a lonely, tough life but Brody managed. Brody was pretty much made to attend his boss's wife's Valentine's Party. He was told that he had to talk to Widow Allen or lose his job.
Valerie Allen was a widow who lost two husbands in the war. Her first husband was about 15 years older than her and he was unkind to Valerie. She was not sad to lose him. She married another soldier who she spent 2 nights with before he went back to fighting and was also killed. The townspeople all considered her cursed and expected any guy who had anything to do with her to either get sick or die.
Valerie still lived on her first husband's property and was having a difficult time surviving. Because Brody was kind to Valerie, she asked him to marry him for a year to help her get her place back in good shape. The quickly adjusted to living together and Brody taught Valerie what love is really like with his patience and kindness.

Cupid's Arrow-January 1884
Rue Ann Spencer had left Shiloh, Tx and Logan Cutter to attend finishing school after her father had told her that her boyfriend had excepted money in exchange for not seeing her anymore. She left without talking to Logan and he didn't know why she had left. Logan was told that Rue Ann was pregnant and left town to have his child and that the his son had died. Rue Ann came back to town as fiancé to Theodore Greely who worked for her father, the senator. Logan was rumored to be involved with Celeste Wiggins. Theodore and Celeste both warned her to stay away from Logan or there would be consequences.
Due to some meddlesome, older twin sisters. Logan and Rue Ann got stuck in a rainstorm at Logan's home and finally talked to each other and found out what Rue Ann's father had done. Theodore and Celeste ended up spending that same night together in town at Celeste's home and the entire town was waiting outside in the morning, the senator included. Theodore ended up having to leave town in embarrassment and his engagement to Rue Ann was obviously over. Logan and Rue Ann got married on the date scheduled for her to have married Theodore, Valentine's Day.

Loving Miss Laurel-February 1887
Laurel had moved to town to live with her Uncle Gideon after her parents death. Laurel was told that her parents committed suicide. When she was old enough, Laurel was sent away for eight years to attend finishing school and college. She was sent a request by her uncle to return home just before her 25th birthday. It was her uncle's intention to kill Laurel before she could inherit what she was entitled to receive from her parents. Her mother and uncle were 1/2 interest owners in a bank given to them upon the death of their parents, Laurel's grandparents. The uncle had used what was her mother's to purchase land and poisoned her parents to keep them from knowing what he had done. What was passed down from her mother, Laurel was due to inherit on her 25th birthday,
When Laurel first showed up in town at 12 yrs old, she was befriended by the mother of Hunter Campbell. She suspected something was not quite right with the story that Laurel had told her about her parents. When she found out that Laurel and her uncle had argued, he had kicked Laurel out of his house and she was now missing, she sent Hunter to find her. Hunter found her tied up in a cabin with her Uncle threatening her. Hunter overheard what the uncle and done. That was when Laurel discovered the truth about her parents. Laurel accepted a job working for Hunter's mother and moved into the Campbell home.

Sweet Talk-January 1888
Dr. Noah Powell had taken over being the town doctor after his father retired. Noah's housekeeper, Hannah, was also housekeeper for his father and lived with the Brown sisters, Angelina and JoEmma. Noah and his father had not talked in about 4 years after a misunderstanding about the death of his cousin Jenny. The older Dr. blamed the younger Dr.
Noah owned a male Lovebird, Amigo, who was getting sickly and Noah couldn't get him to talk.JoEmma Brown had a female Lovebird, Gabby that did talk. Gabby flew out of the Brown's house while the town's women were there planning a Valentine's Day party. Hannah knew where the bird was but used it to help her matchmaking efforts between the Doc and JoEmma.
Noah's bird appeared healthier after being with JoEmma's bird for a few days so the Dr. and JoEmma made arrangements for Noah to keep both birds and JoEmma could come visit them and take care of them at his place. Noah was out a lot doing his doctoring and JoEmma was in a wheelchair due to having had Scarlet fever.
The two of them spending time together resulted in these lifelong friends realizing that they belonged together. Hannah told the older doctor about JoEmma and Noah so he came to Noah and asked his forgiveness for his behavior regarding the death of Jenny. He told Noah that he approved of his choosing JoEmma to be his wife. He also asked Hannah to be his wife.
JoEmma decided that she would put more effort into strengthening her body and soon learned to stand and then to walk again. Like Amigo, who started to talk after he met Gabby, JoEmma just needed a reason to get stronger.
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