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Ravenfire (volume one)

Ravenfire (volume one) [PDF]

Thousands of years ago, Men and Elves coexisted side by side along with all manner of magical creatures. The Creator had threaded magic into the blood of every being, and it was a wondrous world indeed. Until the day Fate, bored with the Earth’s peaceful existence, conspired to twist one of the Creator’s benign guardians, Nefar, the Gatekeeper of the dead, infecting him with a lust for power he was never meant to hold. War broke out upon the World, and Seryn, the Mother of Magic, Immortal Guardian and twin to Mother Nature, sacrificed herself in the Final Battle, removing magic from our world until such time the Creator called her from her earthly tomb and allowed her to usher magic upon the world once more.

In a bid to save the races dependent upon magic, Seryn ordered them to take refuge within the Realm of Meard, a realm of dreams existing alongside Earth. There she sent the races of Elves, Dwarves, Giants and a hundred score more, so they would live unhindered from the recession of magic.

Men, the youngest race by far, inherited the world, having the strongest constitution to survive upon their wit and strength alone. The magic the humans were born with, receded into their DNA, and there it lies still today.

This is the story of an unlikely Elven pair, Sienna and Aleczandre, two younglings from opposite clans, who knew nothing of Earth, whose destiny would shape the end of our world.

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