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Malevil is a '72 sf novel by Robert Merle adapted into an '81 film directed by Christian de Chalonge, starring Michel Serrault, Jacques Dutronc, Jacques Villeret & Jean-Louis Trintignant.

It takes place in late 20th century rural France. Emanuel Comte, once school director now landed farmer, is owner of a tourist attraction-an old castle called Malevil after a nearby village. He's well-respected, with diplomatic & leadership talent.

Emanuel & friends find themselves in the wine cellar during the unexpected outbreak of nuclear war. They find their surroundings reduced to ashes & rubble. Under his leadership they rebuild. They discover other people & animals surviving in nearby farmsteads & villages. Nature begins anew. An agrarian society forms. More survivors show up, some bringing destruction.

The slowly emerging society must fend off a theocratic dictatorship that's taken over a neighboring village with a marauding gang's assistance.

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