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On Kingship to the King of Cyprus

On Kingship to the King of Cyprus [PDF]

Kingship, or the rule of one man is the most effective form of government. At the same time, it most easily becomes a Tyranny for the same reasons for its effectiveness: consolidated power. Democracy is the least effective form of government, for it is prone to indecisiveness and quarrels. For precisely those reasons, it is least susceptible to tyranny, and devolves into a plundering of the few (the rich) by the masses (poor).

When building a city, a king should have in mind: abundance of food supply, moderate climate (too cold, and the citizens will be a pack of dumb brutes; too warm, and the people will be smart, wise weaklings), and sufficient natural beauty, but not too beautiful, or the people will be distracted by inordinate amounts of pleasure.

Towards the end in the appendix, Aquinas explains that there are two kinds of abuses of power: (1) an unlawful (immoral) use of one's lawful power, and (2) a lawful or unlawful use of unlawful or unlawfully attained power. I think this distinction is important, and yet I don't know which is more important. My understanding is the (2) is more applicable, and yet (1) should inform and transform (2) into its own image.
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