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The Moon

The Moon [PDF]

Seeking his abducted father and running away from his throne, Prince Dravian sets out on a journey, guided by a vision of a woman who will help lead him to his destiny.

Lilya is a seer who loathes her gift and wants nothing to do with the prince whose come looking for her help. He kidnaps her in order to keep her safe from those pursuing him and uses her to help him find his lost father. She tries to ignore her attraction to him after all he's also a wolf caller, considered crazy, even dangerous. But every reading she does tells her she is destined to be his mate.

Dravian is determined to claim her as his and find his father. Danger, deception and illusion surround them. When the gods become involved things become even more complicated. Will Dravian be able to claim his seer and get back his father? Or will a dark god destroy everything.

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