H.G. Wells' The Chronic Argonauts ePub, PDF Available

H.G. Wells' The Chronic Argonauts

H.G. Wells' The Chronic Argonauts [PDF]

I picked this graphic novel up as part of a bundle deal that I got from Comixology. The story is based on the short story by H.G. Wells that he wrote several years before he wrote The Time Machine. I haven't read that short story, so I can't comment on how closely the graphic novel follows the story.

At 112 pages, it's a fairly standard size for a graphic novel. Split into 4 chapters, this tells the story of Reverend Elijah Cook, who becomes a kind of accidental tourist through time when he gets involved with Dr Moses Nebogipfel. Wells wrote this story 7 years before his more famous time travel story, and it is clear that Quinn has taken some inspiration from the later work.

The artwork is excellent, and does a great job of evoking a proper Victorian feel to the story.

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