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Lonely Planet Japan [PDF]

Includes FREE planning and background information. Comprising one-fifth of the country's total land mass, yet home to only 5% of the population, Hokkaido is where all of your preconceived notions of Japan will be shattered. A frozen winterland with a wild frontier spirit, Hokkaido is defined by everything that Japan's southern islands are not. Aside from a few major cities, the untamed north country is a hauntingly beautiful wilderness, on par with the Canadian Rockies or New Zealand's South Island. For the thrill-seeking traveler in search of sweeping vistas, amazing wildlife, wide open roads and overwhelming emptiness, Hokkaido is a refreshing contrast to the often claustrophobic density of Honshu. From November to March, a Siberian cold descends on the island, providing some of the best skiing in both Japan and the eastern hemisphere. When Hokkaido thaws, and the bears awaken from their hibernation, the island lures hikers in search of rugged backcountry terrain and remote onsen (hot springs).
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