Friends & Lovers Trilogy (Friends & Lovers, #1-3) ePub, PDF Available

Friends & Lovers Trilogy (Friends & Lovers, #1-3)

Friends & Lovers Trilogy (Friends & Lovers, #1-3) [PDF]

Reviewed by Glendalys:

I give this book 5 stars.

The Friends & Lovers Trilogy includes three books:Make It Last, I Choose You and Trust Me.The set of books is about a group of friends and how their relationships develop.They can be read as a trilogy or as stand alone.The first book Make is Last is about Colin and Briana.They were high school sweethearts.Colin dumped Briana, breaking her heart in order to pursue his sports career.When an injury sidelines him he returns home to win back the girl he left behind.Briana was extremely heartbroken and has worked very hard to get over Colin, but when Colin comes back it all comes rushing back.Can she trust him again?Will Colin be able to win heart again?I really enjoyed the first story of the series.It was good because it set up the other book perfectly and still told a throughly enjoyable book about Colin and Briana.I loved getting to know Briana and Colin and their group of friends and watching their relationship grow.I highly recommend this book.

The second book in the series is I Choose You.

The second book is about Nicole and Kent.We met them in their first book and noticed their instant attraction.Nicole is running away from her past.Growing up a preacher's daughter with her life mapped before and even the man she would marry picked out made her feel suffocated so she ran.Kent grew up protecting his sister from the physical abuse of their father.He grew up thinking that relationships were complicated and should be kept as simple as possible.Nicole grew up with very strong value from a well off family.Kent and her become friends and eventually start to date.Kent respects her and takes things slow because he believes he isn't good enough for her.Nicole doesn't want anyone but Kent and thinks he is perfect for her despite her family's opposition.I highly recommend this book.

The third and final book in the series is Trust Me.This book is about Roni and Rich.Roni is Kent's sister from the previous book I Choose You.Kent protected Roni from the abuse from her father.But he didn't know that Roni grew up and married another abuser.After the last beating Roni's husband gives her, she files for divorce and flees to Texas to be closer to her brother and start a new life.As a young girl Roni yearned to become a famous dancer.Rich is opening a new community center that offer a variety of different classes.Roni auditions to give dance classes at the community center.Thats how her and Rich meet.Both of their pasts prevent them from giving into their feelings for each other.Rich is a player and Roni isnt looking for love.Will he able to convince her?I highly recommend this book

I must admit that highly enjoyed reading this trilogy.We often read book and sometimes wonder if the author would have written another story what would have happened.Well in this trilogy we get to find out.All the characters are included in some way or another in each book.Each book is its own story but involves past characters.We get to read about each and every characters happily ever after.

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