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Robert Leader has written more than 70 books, including crime thrillers, espionage and high adventure novels, horror and heroic fantasy.
He has also written as Robert Charles and Charles Leader.
THE SWORD LORD, SWORD EMPIRE and SWORD DESTINY form THE FIFTH PLANET trilogy set in the Earth solar system before the last ice age.
EXTINCTION’S EDGE is a six book series that tells the story of Vietnam from the fall of Dienbienphu and the end of the French occupation of Indo-China, to the Great Tet Offensive which led to the end of the American War. It is the ultimate novel of Vietnam which includes the years of the warlords, the Buddhist rebellion and the rise of the Viet Cong. The stories are linked by Rene Chauvel, the French paratroop lieutenant who returns as a war correspondent to Saigon, the orphan girl Phat Sangh on her endless refugee journey through North and South Vietnam, and by the Marregh/Riken, the alien mind-melters who struggle to understand the insane conflict.
Robert has his own website at www.robertleaderauthor.com which showcases a full biography and a lifetime of travel and written work. Here you will find introductory FREE books, free read extracts and more low cost e-books. Robert has also published over 200 magazine articles, four souvenir guides to the English counties of Suffolk, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire and Essex, all illustrated with thousands of his own photographs.
The Robert Leader website is designed to be of continuing interest to both readers and writers. The stories behind the stories will explain how the books were inspired and created, and it is intended that many more of Robert’s currently out of print novels, plus more new novels, will be regularly added to the new e-book list. www.robertleaderauthor.com is a site that will repay many repeated visits by anyone who is interested in books and the craft of writing.

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