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Chasing Redbird is written by Sharon Creech, and is about thirteen-year old Zinny Taylor who lives in Kansas on her families farm.She grows up with her two older brothers and her Aunt "Redbird" and Uncle Nate. She grows up becoming best friends with her cousin Rose all her childhood until she suddenly dies, of whooping cough at a young age.Zinny spends almost every second she can trying to find a way to get away from her family and the seldom privacy of her small rural town, where everybody knows everybody.When her aunt dies and everything seems like it is falling apart, she takes on a load of guilt thinking that she was the reason for Rose's death and also the reason for her aunt's death. She finds a small trail in the near by woods on her family farm.When she just wants to be alone she finds that camping in the woods is one of the best places to be.As she makes a small place of her own in the woods she figures out many life problems and how to handle them.As her uncle Nate is having delusions about his dead wife, Zinny tries as hard as she can to help him make it through the pain.As she tries tofind faith and love in just her simple place in the woods and simple family, she learns that sometimes it is not easy to find your place or reason in life but it all will work out if you just believe in yourself.
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