The Weaving of the Web (The Seers' War #1) ePub, PDF Available

The Weaving of the Web (The Seers' War #1)

The Weaving of the Web (The Seers' War #1) [PDF]

Arswyd, the White Realm, has a long history steeped in blood and warfare across the ForeverGreen. For thousands of years the Rheyfelwr kingdom has been at odds with its sister realms, the Golden Kingdom of the Tylwyth Teg and the UnderEarth cities of the serpentine Ejo Eniyan. But when they turned to genocide and in a great purge called The Annihilation tried to eradicate the Ejo Eniyan, the Gods could no longer stand idle in the bloodshed.

The Gods of the Rheyfelwr cursed the Rheyfelwr of Arswyd with a life-draining essence in their skin, that they would never know the touch of another living thing skin-to-skin except during the rare Black Moon. As punishment for the lack of respect and compassion they showed toward other living things, to touch another living thing skin-to-skin outside of the Black Moon is to know the agony of feeling the curse drain life. From birth until they are no longer able to withstand their own life-drain, they know only isolation.

The Gods of the Ejo Eniyan sought retribution for the thousands of their people slain. They cursed the Rheyfelwr of Arswyd with the Neidr Brenin, a monstrous snake that only the Royal Seer of the realm is capable of keeping at bay. Wanting the White Realm to know what its like to live in constant fear and the threat of a horrible death, they determined the Neidr Brenin would come in the Royal Seer’s absence and if the successor was not found in time, the kingdom would finally be destroyed.

Lord Brynmor Haul, the Royal Seer of Arswyd, has died and while the people anxiously await his successor, the Neidr Brenin is coming…

But there’s another evil lurking in the shadows. Something insidious with an agenda of its own that seeks to bathe all of the ForeverGreen in blood.

A scheme 400 years in the making is about to come to fruition...

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