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But God and Other Poems

But God and Other Poems [PDF]

"It is difficult to finish up. Newer and newer thoughts are being generated. But don't be afraid. Narudin's poems are not of a directly speculative kind. He likes (and likes to describe) nature and all the living and dead creatures in it. His imagery is sharp, exact as well as his figures. They are soft and touchable. And he likes them in a touching way, in a way, yes, that feels soft to the touch .... So dear Friends, rush and read this wonderful collection of poetry! (Kinga Fabo. A Hungarian Poet, Linguist, and Essayist). "Frankly speaking, I found it difficult to craft appropriately matching words of endorsement for the poems that Narudin is showing in this collection. These are powerful poems-I can feel the resonances the first time I read them, and they linger long after and make me want to return to them again and again. They are candid in their directness-poking, addressing, talking-and deep and reflective in their moods, a potent combination of verbal potions that can get us 'fly' and lead us to see the mundane as more sublime realities. It is an honor for me to introduce this English poem collection of his; and I heartily congratulate him for this outstanding works. May this be just the beginning of many more to come." (Eki Qushay Akhwan. A lecturer of Exploring Poetry and Critical Analysis of Poetry at the English Literature Department of Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia). "Narudin's poems entitled 'But God and Other Poems' exude a huge sense of energy, vigor and exuberance to every reader. His voices are articulated in his use of metaphors originating in natural processes representing his deep appreciation and admiration of the creative plan manager of this universe. All his ideas are crafted in search of continuous reinterpretations of the relationship of man and his creator." (Ruswan Dallyono. A lecturer of Psycholinguistics at the English Literature Department of Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia).
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