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The epic quest for the pieces of the Gryphon Window continues! Kore, Morgan, Layla, and Orlando are resting in Themis, home of Sumner, the greatest wizard in the known lands, after their battle at Buchanan Castle in Book 1. They have recovered two shards of the Gryphon Window, as well as two of the mystic Runestones (fire and water). Their reverie is broken by a summons to appear before the Wizards Council. Apparently some sort of trouble has broken out in Khaibit, Morgan's homelands. Sumner needs the four of them to investigate. He senses that Mordad's forces are behind the situation. What the adventurers find in Khaibit, and the dangers they will face along the way, will make locating other parts of the Gryphon Window more difficult than they could possibly imagine!
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